AcuVal is a platform and mobile application (App) which makes producing valuations for jewellery easier, faster and more cost-effective.

The AcuVal App is a convenient platform used buy valuers and jewellers to create an accurate valuation, for a piece of Jewellery with a repeatable standard.

A valuation for insurance replacement purposes is primarily a detailed description of the item allowing for an accurate replacement.

The insurance replacement value should be an amount close to that it would cost to replace the exact item, or close as possible if the exact is not available.

This puts the owner or insured back in the same position which they were prior to a loss or damage. 

Obtaning a current valuation is not a well understood procedure for most people. It is not straight forward to find the best valuer for the job. It can be expensive, inconvenient and often requires a third party to hold your valuable items for some time. 

AcuVal addresses all of these concerns and much more. 

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