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Cody Opal (Australia) Pty Ltd has been supplying the gem and jewellery trade since 1971 and is highly regarded internationally as one of Australia’s leading opal cutters, wholesalers and exporters. Our company has an extensive range of loose Australian opal, including black, boulder, light and crystal opals, as well as composites, doublets and triplets. Our large stock ranges from gem quality through to commercial grade stones, of which include polished stones, opal rough, opal specimens and opalised fossils.

Cody Opal received a Governor of Victoria Export Award 2001 and was a finalist in the Australian Export awards.

Company Directors, Andrew and Damien Cody, combine expertise and a passion for Australian opal with broad management and business experience.

Andrew Cody
Building on a consuming interest in science and gemstones from early childhood, Andrew established a wholesale and cutting business in 1971 which later expanded to include exporting to Europe, Japan and the USA. In 1999, he became an Associate Research Officer of the Australian Museum. He has served the industry in a number of official capacities including President of the Australian Gem Industry Association and Foundation Member and Chairman of the Australian Jewellery and Gemstone Industry Council. In 2007 he became World President of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). Andrew’s first publication, “Australian Precious Opal – a Guidebook for Professionals” is used extensively worldwide by the industry. It has been published in English and Japanese.

Damien Cody
After completing a Diploma in Business Studies, Damien carved a highly successful career in the insurance and financial services sectors where he held senior executive positions with a number of leading international organisations. His passion eventually led him to the opal industry where he and his brother are directors of a leading Australian opal exporting company which also operates retail opal stores and museums in Australia. These companies have won Government Export and Tourism Awards for excellence in these fields. Together with his brother he co-authored the book ‘The Opal Story’ which has enjoyed a circulation of around 60,000 copies worldwide. Damien has served the gem and jewellery industry in a number of capacities including as International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA) Ambassador to Australia. He is currently serving as Vice President of ICA.

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