CPG Group

CPG Group specialises in the refining of precious metals and the fabrication of both cast and minted bullion. Operating from our facility in Victoria, our team of qualified and experienced technicians utilise state of the art equipment and instrumentation to produce industry leading results in product quality and continuity.

Offering a full range of specialised services including assaying, refining, minting, casting, as well as buying and selling precious metals, CPG Group offers the most competitive refining rates and maximum returns in the industry.

CPG Group founder Michael Salib commenced trading in precious metals in 2001.

On the strength of his early success, in 2009 Cash for Gold Australia Pty Ltd was established and pioneered several new business models including the first business in Australia to trade gold online, and the first with the Gold Party concept.

In 2010, PMR Australia was added to the growing group of companies for trading exclusively in precious metals in B2B markets.

Situated in Richmond, Victoria, Cash for Gold Australia, remained an integral part of the CPG Group of companies, and operations continued to expand into 2011 with the establishment of its Queensland premises in Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

A third office was founded in Parramatta, Sydney, New South Wales in 2012, establishing a good market presence in the capital cities of the east coast of Australia.

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