Gem Monarchy

A piece of jewellery always begins with a dream, an idea or a concept. And of course, it needs two specific things: premium skilled artisanship and gemstones of the highest quality. Jewellery of the highest calibre is a harmonious mixture of both elements to create a unique feeling and memory.

And it is this memory we strive to create by supplying gemstones fit for kings and queens. Being the World’s First Gemstone Boutique allows us to provide a service like no other and an experience which has no parallels. Whether it may be a centre-stone for an engagement ring, or small calibrated gemstones for wedding bands and designer, we have it all.

We understand choosing the right stone for the right occasion can be difficult. This is why the team at THE GEM MONARCHY is able to assist with every step of the selection process, from the mines to you. So trust the process, and put your faith in us to find the best gemstone for you!

Jewellery Industry Fair – Melbourne Jewellery Industry Fair 2023 February 4, 2023: The Timber Yard, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia

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