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Since 1973 Grant Austin started providing injection moulded boxes for the opal industry, soon moving on to: Souvenir boxes for the Tourism industry, Cases & Trays for Gemstones, Presentation Boxes for Jewellery
Displays for Jewellery.

Vacuum Forming was soon introduced to compliment and add diversity to these core customer choices, after purchasing another business with great expertise and machinery. This allowed Grant Austin to expand into new industries, such as Aquaculture & Food.

Flock Coating then came online to further expand our ability to offer an ‘under-one-roof’ comprehensive manufacturing service. We can now start with an Idea; Design the tool; Make the tool; Mould the product; Flock Coat the product; Die Cut the shape; and finally Pack the finished item.

Food Containers and in-store food display products quickly became a logical progression in our design range. Fruit Separators, Tubs & Trays for supermarkets and retailers to protect & display their fresh fruit, vegetables and meats to maximise its saleability to their customers.

This has expanded to include bin tops & fit outs with a large variety of stepped display trays for all kinds of fresh produce, either loose items such as Bananas; punnets of Strawberries; meat trays for butcher shops, delicatessens and refrigeration units.

2015 saw Grant Austin move to our current larger premises in Kilkenny, South Australia incorporating our office, showroom & warehouse.

Grant Austin’s Regular Daily Operations Include:

• Design & prototype
• Plastic injection moulding
• Fabrication of all types of plastic
• Thermoforming
• Die Cutting

• Hot Foil & Pad Printing
• Flock coating
• Laminating
• Custom moulding

Plus, Custom Moulding & Design Work

• For the industrial sector
• Plaster traps for dental laboratories
• Manufacturing items for the medical industry
• Paving moulds for the building industry
• Moulding of product & supply of extrusions for the electrical industry

• Moulding of product for the air conditioning industry
• Flock Coating of foam, wood etc for the Acoustics industry

Ongoing expansion of this website to add E-Commerce ordering facilities, to make it easier for our customers to order at a time that suits them. This will be an extension of our service, not a replacement for the personal contact that we currently maintain with our customers.

Building on our resources to continuously improve the range of products we carry, the high standard of service we provide while maintaining our high standard of quality, speedy delivery Australia wide and competitive prices. Grant Austin’s high quality standards are recognised worldwide.

Although a selection of products in our range are imported from Asia, we are very proud to also export many of our own manufactured products back to Hong Kong & Thailand, plus of course many of our customers around Australia and New Zealand.

Grant Austin is renowned for our great service, speedy delivery, reliability and our confidentiality for our customers’ exclusive lines. As such most of our business comes from referrals.

The team at Grant Austin has the dedication, and the determination to build long term relationships & the technology to provide you with the service you deserve, from concept to finished product.

Our focus is to provide you with quality product, speedy delivery & impeccable service.

Jewellery Industry Fair – Melbourne Jewellery Industry Fair 2023 February 4, 2023: The Timber Yard, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia

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