Heart HR

Helping businesses with HR support & advice.

We work with Owners, Directors and Leadership teams to ensure workforces are well cared for, as well as performing effectively and efficiently. This is achieved by working closely with management teams and staff alike to identify problems and create lasting solutions. Heart HR is always solutions focused and customised to suit each business we work with as we understand that no two businesses are alike.

Why Choose Us?
Heart HR provide many advantages to your business.

Specialist skills and knowledge
Hiring Heart HR provides excellent skills and knowledge in all aspects of HR management.

Using Heart HR creates greater efficiency and accuracy in simplifying HR administration and business processes.

Reduced costs
The cost of poor people management can be substantial and if a company fails to comply with the law, they could be faced with a hefty claim at an employment tribunal and a large bill for the legal costs. Heart HR has a broad understanding of HR compliance requirements to reduce the risk of employees taking adverse action.

Saving management time
The expenditure of management time alone in dealing with, for example, a troublesome employee, is wholly disproportionate in most cases. Heart HR can reduce the unproductive time managers spend on people issues.

Increased legislative compliance
Heart HR, has a clear and in-depth knowledge of relevant HR and ER legislation, ensuring legal compliance. Where required we can call on our well-respected legal associates for more specific legal advice.

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