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Who We Are

Limerence Diamonds is a proud Australian business committed to manufacturing and supplying premium quality loose laboratory-grown diamonds at wholesale prices. Our diamonds are created using cutting-edge scientific technology and graded by renowned gemological institutes.

As we all know, adopting sustainable business practices is beneficial for the planet and future generations. So we take this approach earnestly to contribute wherever we can to make a difference for People and Planet. Come and join us to become a part of this!!! What sets us apart from others is that we use solar energy, the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source. Our Solar Array stretches across 31 acres and continues to grow.

Since its inception, Limerence Diamonds has grown diamonds utilizing the CVD technology that creates the most sought after Type IIa diamonds. Almost every Limerence created diamond is a Type IIa lab-grown diamond, and less than 2% of all diamonds in the world are type IIa diamonds. However, Limerence Diamonds also utilizes HPHT manufacturing process to create lab-grown diamonds. Limerence Diamonds creates lab-grown diamonds ranging from 0.25 carats to 8.00 carats.

Our Vision

To continuously strive to become a leading and preferred lab-grown diamond manufacturer and supplier. Our goal is to add value and do our part in bridging the disparities the majority of our population face today when buying diamonds restricted to only a rare event in their lifetime. Hence, we aim to make lab-grown diamonds their preferred choice for all occasions due to their affordability.

Moreover, we also believe in protecting the environment and continue to excel in our sustainable business practices to make a valuable difference in people’s lives and our planet.

Our Mission

At Limerence Diamonds, our mission is to be the most trusted and committed lab-grown diamonds manufacturer/supplier. Our objective is to enlighten people about the benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds and eliminating the misconceptions associated with them to revolutionize the lab-grown industry for a better, brighter and sustainable future.

Our Business Model

Limerence diamonds works specifically with retail jewellers, diamond merchants/traders, wholesalers, other businesses and similar clients in a B2B format.

If you are looking to purchase premium quality lab-grown diamonds for your business or would like to introduce lab-grown diamonds into your business, please contact us to speak with our team member.

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