Yerilla® is a family-owned jewellery company located in the harsh, arid West Australian outback on the fringe of the Great Victorian Desert.

An introduction to Yerilla®

We are proud to ethically and responsibly source and extract AAA+ quality Chrysoprase, also known as Australian jade, from the gemstone deposits we own, control and operate.

Yerilla® is a family-owned jewellery company located in the harsh, arid West Australian outback on the fringe of the Great Victorian Desert.

The AAA+ Chrysoprase mined from our gemstone deposits is used to create our exclusive Yerilla® Fine Jewellery designs.

Our Chrysoprase

The world’s finest Chrysoprase is found in Australia.

The Chrysoprase deposits owned and operated by Yerilla® are internationally renowned for their quality. Chrysoprase mined by Yerilla® is also known as Australian jade.

Over the years several well-known, exclusive international luxury jewellers have released small ranges of AAA+ Chrysoprase jewellery, with the majority of gemstones featured in the designs sourced from the Yerilla® deposits.

These stunning, mouth-watering pieces of wearable art were very expensive and sold very quickly. The jewellers found themselves unable to replenish their supply due to the rareness of the stone.

Today, we preserve our finest AAA+ Chrysoprase to use in Yerilla® Fine Jewellery designs.

Our Design Process

Yerilla® own and operate the finest Chrysoprase gemstone deposits in the world.

We extract and source the rare, rough and raw gemstone material from the deposits. We then cut, polish, class and grade the gemstones. We select only the most beautiful and pure gemstones, those classified as AAA+ Chrysoprase, to create our fine jewellery designs.

We work alongside internationally renowned jewellery designers and craftspeople to create our designs.

Yerilla® Fine Jewellery is available exclusively online and from selected stockists.

Sustainable Practices

We are passionate about our desert home and conduct all aspects of our operations with love, care and respect for the environment. Although the area is harsh and arid, it is delicate and fragile land.

Yerilla® is a small-scale, artisanal operation. We employ a small workforce, consisting of immediate family and a tight circle of long-term contractors.

Our environmental impact is light and we’re devoted to our core values. We work to preserve and rehabilitate vegetation, waterways and ground. Much of this work focuses on restoring and repairing disturbances and land clearing from previous operators, dating back to the 1930s.

The process of sourcing AAA+ Chrysoprase is slow, at times painstaking and predominantly done by hand, due to the fragile and precious nature of the gemstone. No chemicals or deleterious materials are used in sourcing or extracting the gemstones.

Yerilla® work closely and in conjunction with the Traditional Owners of the Land, the Wongatha People of the Eastern Goldfields region.

We also work with the West Australian Government and Environmental Protection Agencies, the West Australian Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety, and our local pastoralists and graziers.

Our Trademark

Yerilla® is a registered Australian Trademark. (Trademark number 2141694)

The trademark offers exclusivity and national protection and acts as a recognised symbol of reputation and goodwill.

Our registered trademark Yerilla® grants the exclusive rights to use our trademark as a badge of origin, and proof of authenticity and allows legal enforcement of Yerilla® and our goods and services.

Only certified, registered trademarks can use the ® symbol.

Jewellers Association of Australia

YERILLA FINE JEWELLERY PTY LTD is a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia, which is a peak trade association representing the Australian jewellery industry since 1931.

Members of the JAA must adhere to the JAA Code of Conduct, demonstrating at all times their commitment to the industry, its clients and to the key pillars of trust and excellence, promoting the highest standards and ethics within the Australian industry.

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